Retail Owner Benefits

Once incorporated into a daily management routine, you will immediately become aware of the power and influence that this tool possesses. From day-to-day operational management to long-term sales planning, this solution will prove to be the easiest and best use of your resources, placing you in a position to lead a thriving, successful and profitable venture.

Increased Revenues

Tie real-time data against promotions and campaigns. The tool features customizable reports, providing access to immediate targeting and tracking against any form of revenue that you wish, which transforms into a sales and planning tool.

Improved Profit Margins

Cost management tools, combined with state-of-the-art technology, yield a platform that improves operational performance. Fully integrated tools are already in place to help you manage your operations and eliminate wasted time and resources that paralyze your business.


Reduce the drag and requirements of daily administrative tasks that steal valuable time from your business day. Quickly create schedules, notify employees, track progress and submit payroll electronically to your provider. Our solution will greatly increase your overall administrative capacity.


The system maintains communication portals, allowing for seamless messaging to all stores, managers and employees. Incorporated into the platform are fully automated feedback mechanisms that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Mobile Enhanced

All services are readily available and mobile enabled, allowing you the ultimate flexibility and agility. Easily schedule any form of automated notification and easily manage and monitor the health of your business from any device connected to the internet.


The system is hosted entirely online and accessible from any web browser. Requiring no downloads, installs or updates and by employing the latest technology standards, you receive a highly scalable and reliable solution with absolutely zero maintenance requirements.

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CimpleBox has given me the freedom to do the payroll, scheduling, check sales, product mix, review trends and much more from anywhere I have internet connection. Business has become a lot more "cimple".

- David, Baskin Robbins Franchisee