Corporate Franchisor Benefits

While the benefits of the CimpleBox solution easily translate to an individual retail owner or franchisee, the true power is in the resources and tools available to you as a Corporate Franchisor. Our solution provides a simple interface that allows access to accurate, real-time data regarding the status of any or all of your member stores. Not only do you gain the necessary tools to vigilantly manage and monitor your staff and franchisees, but also greatly increase your capacity to consistently administer programs and communicate with your members.

Data Consolidation

You can quickly and easily aggregate data across all of your retail locations on any level. In addition to acquiring the ability to view real-time sales and operational statistics, the system can easily be customized to capture any form of feedback (customer or internal) that your organization requires.

Brand Standards

With all of the included feature sets, you can ensure that your brand standards are properly met across all locations. From your corporate intranet to your training management, the CimpleBox solution has the necessary resources to protect your brand through consistent execution of these standards.


Our comprehensive administration platform provides you with the ability to control the message to your franchisees. Maintain forms, guides and marketing collateral in one location, ensuring consistency and uniformity of message. From maintaining existing stores to supporting a new location launch, our platform presents the best solution to help your franchisees.

Communication & Training

Offer a unified communication platform to all levels of your organization, ensuring that a consistent message is always delivered. From online training portal to emails and SMS, our platform will reduce your administrative costs dramatically, while promoting a greater level of readiness across your organization.

Field Management

Managing retail locations from the field can not only be a daunting task, but at times impractical. With our mobile solution, your staff is empowered to efficiently execute brand requirements and effectively support your members spread across a large geographical area.


The system is hosted entirely online and accessible from any web browser. Requiring no downloads, installs or updates and by employing the latest technology standards, you receive a highly scalable and reliable solution with absolutely zero maintenance requirements.

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