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Crafted and developed by business owners, for business owners, the CimpleBox solution features a wide-ranging product suite designed to improve retail operational efficiency and most importantly increase sales. From the Corporate Franchisor level to the independent retailer, we have an affordable and powerful business operational software solution to fit your specific needs.

Successful business ownership or franchise leadership doesn’t come from just having information; it is a direct result of being able to make informed decisions based on it. At CimpleBox, we are proud of the fact that we have developed a solution that not only provides a comprehensive view of your business needs, but one that helps you plot a course to profitably grow your business.

The solution is hosted online and completely web-based, which means absolutely zero software requirements, maintenance or support on your end. Our comprehensive solution will increase your operational effectiveness and efficiency and help you make the best decision possible for the future of your business.

We are confident that we can easily and affordably assist you in achieving your business objectives. To see the full range of our capabilities, please contact us today.

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